Free dmv practicle tests
Just like the real thing. Better that the handbook.

Did you know that 70% percent of people taking the DMV permit test fall on thier first try? Taking the test can be stressful and over whelming, it requires a lot of study and practice. We are here to help! Our simple testing strategies will set you up to pass your written driver’s license test.

  1. Don’t cram the night before the test, it will only hurt you! Make sure to prepare weeks in advance before the test. Read throught, not fly through the practice problems.

  2. Forget all night studying! A good night sleep before the test will increase your passing chances.

  3. Watch that time! If you are not sure about the answer, just skip it. Try to solve the easy questions first and then come back to try to answer the harder questions.

  4. Since the test is multiple choice, eliminating the wrong answers will increase your guessing chances. If you can eliminate 2 wrong answer choices you can increase your percentage at guessing correctly by 25%!

  5. Don’t over think the questions; just use your common sense.

  6. Don’t leave any questions blank! If you are not sure about the answer, try to do your best and make an educated guess.

  7. Study the road signs well! If you can look at the sigh and immediately recognize its meaning without looking at the possible answer choices, you are ready!

  8. Prepare your paperwork! Make sure to have all the documentation and registration forms before you leave your house for the test.

  9. Plan ahead! Make sure to arrive early to the testing office. Rushing or being late will only make you nervous.

  10. Make sure to pay close attention to numerical questions of our free DMV tests. They are often the hardest and will most likely appear on you actual test.

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